About Us as a Company

Our family run company started in September 2013, from the beginning we wanted to bring people the best variety of fragranced candles at the best possible prices throughout the year. We strive to improve our services and product ranges on a frequent basis. We are now an official retailer of Yankee Candle operating under the name Parfumera Lumiere as well as other brands such as Village Candle and Colonial Candles.

About the New Website

In late March 2014 plans began being created for a new website to be created – a Permanent home for our customers to enjoy, read news, Gossip and browse a selection of our items. Being committed to this we further invested over £5,000 into updating our product ranges and having our permanent web based home. Since we began we have expanded our business and hope to continue this in the future.


10% Of our sales are given and shared out across local north west of England charities as well as attending events to help raise awareness for these charities. These include, Springhill Hospice, Dr Kershaws Hospice, Combat Stress, Hopwood Hall Park just to name a few.

We want to take this time to thank all of our loyal fans who have ordered with us in the past and to thank each one of you for browsing the selections we have for you on our website.

From TheStore91 Team